Miriam teaching a one to one chasing workshop

Would you like to learn or explore the technique of chasing and repoussé? It’s a wonderfully versatile technique which can be applied to your work in a whole array of different styles.

Miriam_Hanid_ChasingI have experience in running individual and small group workshops in chasing and repoussé, which is part of my signature style. If you’re a beginner, I can introduce you to the technique and give you the grounding to explore it further. If you’re a graduate, a more advanced silversmith or even an experienced jeweller I can help you to investigate different themes within or alongside your existing work. Using handmade tools and custom shapes to fit your chosen work scale and style, you can use chasing to create beautiful effects through form, shape, texture and pattern in a range of metals – the most frequently used are copper, gold and silver.


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